Festival Screenings Announced

The schedule for the 2017 Human Rights Film Festival, taking place November 15-17 at the historic Fargo Theater in downtown Fargo, North Dakota has been announced.

The Westphal Grant

The Westphal Human Rights Film & Art Grant Program provides funding for filmmakers and artists living in North Dakota creating works that relate to the discussion of human rights, environmental rights or social justice.

All narrative and documentary filmmakers, and 2D, 3D and performance artists are invited to apply. Innovative and original projects are encouraged to apply.

Tickets on Sale Now

Tickets to the 2017 North Dakota Human Rights Film and Arts Festival are now on sale. Seating is limited – get yours before they’re gone!

Those Among Us

A multi-disciplinary media project documenting the human rights and social justice champions of North Dakota.

North Dakota Human Rights Film & Arts Festival

The 2017 North Dakota Human Rights Film & Arts Festival take place this November in downtown Fargo, North Dakota.

Dakota Prairies

Dakota Prairies is currently accepting the real word experiences of the LGBTQ community living in North Dakota for an innovative theatrical performance.

Interview with filmmaker Faraz Mariam Arif Ansari

“ S i s a k,” written, directed and produced by Faraz Mariam Arif Ansari, is a one-of-a-kind love story set in the environs of the Mumbai, India, local train system. The silent short says more without words than it ever could with them. “People need to feel what you...

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Interview with filmmaker Ishwari Rajak

Ishwari Rajak has already changed one man’s perspective on menstruation. She’s hoping her documentary short, “The Invisible War on Blood,” will change many more. We think it will. We’re showing “The Invisible War on Blood” at the film festival tomorrow night (with...

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Interview with filmmaker Dan Goldes

The North Dakota Human Rights Film Festival opens on Wednesday night with director Dan Goldes’ film “Arrested (Again).” The documentary short tells the story of Karen Topakian, longtime activist who’s been arrested dozens of times for nonviolent civil disobedience. We...

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First ND Human Rights Film and Arts Festival opens today

The following article was published in print in the Forum, and online in the InForum on November 13, 2017. You can find the original article online here. By Chelsey Engelhard Ewen, The Arts Partnership "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights....

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